Brennan Industries is Looking to Improve their Current Mobile App

brennan_logoFor easy access to the Brennan product catalog, the company is looking to expand its mobile application including its tool that can be used by customer as a cross reference. This will already include pressure ratings for at least 6,000 parts which comes from a collection of 330 series which were produced by the company.

Brennan Industries Inc., introduced its mobile application back in 2012. This gave users access to information from over 30,000 products manufactured by Brennan, including comparison between products of the same class, and means of reaching out to the company.

The mobile application for Brennan Industries Inc. will be modified for use by iPhone and Android users. As mentioned earlier, this will now include pressure ratings from several products in either PSI or bar units. In addition, the company announced that they will also make it easier for the users to search for the parts either through their series or the numbers which are labeled on the parts.

Bill Jarrel, the Vice President of Brennan Industries Inc. for marketing and operations, said that they know what their users need.

“We know that the pressure ratings are very important for the customer,” Jarrel sais, “By making the users gain access to this information through their mobile phones, we will be making their job much more convenient that it was before.”

The application highlights a catalog that is easier to navigate than ever before. This is broken down into several categories which include the specification for each of the products that are being offered by Brennan Industries Inc.

A cross reference tool has also been installed in the newly expanded mobile application. This allows different users to compare Brennan’s products side by side with products from other companies. It was developed in order to make sure that you will be able to get the most value. Furthermore, the mobile application also maintained the page which allows you to gain access the methods by which you can contact the company.

They also included a promotional video by Brennan Industries Inc.

Stelson Moving to Help Encourage Funding for Research for the Industry

Kim Stelson, the director of Center for Compact & Efficient Fluid Power and professor of mechanical Engineering at University of Minnesota, has been planning and pushing hard for more funds for the industry beyond the year 2016.

The National Science Foundation has been funding the research activities of the industry for years and it has warned that the funding will decrease by next year and will be completely lost beyond May 30, 2016.

Stelson proposes a three legged approach for the funding.

The plan includes the following: a) Projects will be looking for individual funding from outside sources which should range between $2.5 million – $3 million; b) The Center will be trying to gain at least $2 million from the membership fees and; c) Try and push for government grants.

Stelson said that all the individuals and companies who are involved in the industry should be working hard for this to happen and in order to create a funding system that will be fair to everyone.