Grayhill Improving the 62AG

grayhillAn improvement in the products for resolution and input voltage by expanding the options for the products produced by the company for their 62AG rotary encoder series.

This series of 62AG rotary encoders have been highly popular among the consumers because of its low price while still capable of giving out high quality performance, and with the improvements in place, it is now more capable of adapting to more specifications thus leading to its ability to provide more applications.

One improvement that Grayhill is looking to improve is reducing the voltage that is needed in order to power the equipment. In the previous model, the equipment requires at least five voltages in order for it to run. Now, they reduced the voltage to 3.3 voltages as requested by the consumers. This is the best choice for people who are looking for devices which can be powered at lower voltages.

In addition to the change, instead of being labeled as 62AG, the component will be labeled as 62VG.

The company is also looking to increase the number of options when it comes to resolution. When the series was first released in the market, the user is only able to choose between 16 and 20 as its resolution options. In the current update, the component have two more options resulting in four options namely 16, 20, 24, and 32 position resolutions. With these setting, any designer will be capable of focusing more on the finer details of what is being encoded.

The 62AG was also designed to measure the shaft or knob rotation with regards to its magnitude and where it is going. Those functions are all upgraded with the integration of the optional push button. This will make the 62AG the perfect device which may help in making sure that you are capable of scrolling through a bunch of items from a list and then selecting which among the functions you would desire. This new feature of the 62AG makes it an ideal tool for industries like automotive, medical, test and measurement, and audio or video.

Part of the improvements which were implemented is the optically coupled switching. This part of the 62AG will allow it to go over a million cycles showing how durable it has become, especially after the upgrades have been implemented. This also makes it superior compared to other mechanical encoders which are available in the market.

If you buy over 500 units of the 62AG, the manufacturing company will also be adding custom shaft configurations and switch terminations.

Daman Ranks High Among Fastest Growing Companies

The product Daman produced this year made them rank 51st among a hundred of Indiana Companies which are included in the list.

The rank was based on their annual earnings which doubled -$9.3 million to $19.5 million – since 2009. In addition, the company also had an expansion which was worth $1.75 million which resulted to an increase of 127 employed applicants in its new plant.

The owners of the company decided not to talk about the accolades that their company had.