Hydraulic Power

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Hydraulic Power Units

Power Systems Inc of Florida (PSIF)offers hydraulic power units for industrial, mobile, marine, aerospace, and many other applications. A modular hydraulic power unit forms the basis for a wide range of mobile and industrial systems. Typical applications include centralized pump skids, plant trailers, tipping trucks, scissor lifts, access control and security equipment as well as a variety of industrial machinery.

Power Systems Inc (PSIF) offers its broad customer range of end users and reliable products through design and manufacturing expertise. We offer Standard, compact and custom power units. They may be used to power hydraulic motors and cylinders, charge accumulators, provide pilot flow to servo or proportional valves and provide flow to lube systems. Our industrial power units feature electric motors rated for continuous duty to provide both flexibility in installation and durability in operation for a long-lasting, reliable system.

Built with quality, Power Systems Inc (PSIF) power units under stringent manufacturing standards are available with options for capacities, controls, pumps, manifolds and configurations. They ensure reliable, cost-effective and robust operation with maximum productivity in applications from process manufacturing to alternative energy.

Hydraulic Pumping System

Power Systems Inc (PSIF) offers full product lines to accommodate the wide variety of fluid power applications. Our range of hydraulic pump motor units comprises of precision-made aluminum gear pumps driven by AC or DC motors. Our hydraulic motor pumps are designed and manufactured in the US with the skill and experience that customers around the world have come to associate with Power Systems Inc wherever hydraulic power and hydraulic motors are used.

Power Systems Inc (PSIF) provides quality hydraulic pumps, motors, and systems that create value. We are committed to providing you premier customer service to ensure that our products continue to be your best solution.

AC/DC Power Units

Power Systems Inc (PSIF) hydraulic power units are designed specifically to operate on AC/DC electric power. Each power unit is a custom selected assembly consisting of a high performance hydraulic pump, reservoir, motor with internal relief and load holding check valve. They can be controlled remotely with integral directional control or manual valves.   Optional radio controls allow for wireless control in both mobile and industrial applications.  Wired pendants are also available for operation and control

PSIF power units can be coupled via suitable hydraulic lines to a wide range of operating mechanisms. These AC/DC power units normally operate hydraulic cylinders, but can be used with any other hydraulic actuating device.


C-Face Adaptors are the most common adaptors for vertical and horizontal installations.  These adaptors are designed to accommodate NEMA C-face motors and virtually any other component (hydraulic motor, pump, gearbox, actuator, etc.).  Power Systems Inc offers a wide selection of both vertical and horizontal mounting configuration pump / motor mounts in both SAE and Metric pump flanges, for NEMA C-face electric motors.


Power Systems Inc (PSIF) offers a complete line of hydraulic reservoirs and reservoir accessories for fluid power transmission applications. Our reservoir accessories include aluminum tanks, gaskets, lids, legs and associated parts for reservoirs. Power Systems’ quality reservoirs include a complete line of oil gauges, tank heaters and elastic bushings for routing hydraulic lines directly into the reservoir. In addition to providing storage for the reserve fluid, reservoirs actsas a radiator to dissipate heat from the fluid.  PSI can provide assistance in the proper design and layout of a reservoir; from the most simple of reservoirs to the most complex and large in size and scope.

The importance of proper design of a reservoir cannot be overstated.  Suction characteristics, proper baffling, proper return flow routing, kidney loop designs, and many other factors can be the difference between a successful design and one that causes premature component failures.

Key Features

  • Aluminum tanks with twice the heat dissipation of steel are available
  • 100% Leak-free performance
  • Improves system cleanliness
  • Flexible Design
  • Optional priming and painting options available depending on duty and service

Hydraulic Control Systems