Hydraulic Control Valves

A Hydraulic control valve can be supplied in several different formats and operators. They can be controlled via:

  • Solenoid operators
  • Proportional control via variable voltage command signals
  • Manual operators
  • Air or hydraulic pilot operators
  • Radio remote control operation

In any and all cases you are providing for a directional flow path for the respective hydraulic control valve being controlled. PSI of Florida offers many different hydraulic control valves:

Hydraulic Control Valve Manufacturers we distribute for:


hydraulic control valveContinental is a manufacturer of various standardized subplate mounted hydraulic valves.  They are also a manufacturer of variable volume pumps.  The industry standard valve patterns that Continental manufactures to are the D03, D05, D07, D08, and D10 (also known as NG6, NG10, NG16, NG25, and NG32) .  Available thru Continental are all types of operators; solenoid, proportional, manual, air/hydraulic pilot.  Based in North America, Continental has been a major supplier of control valves for more than 50 years.

The recent acquisition of Continental Hydraulics by Duplomatic has allowed many additional products to be available thru Continental.  These products include proven proportional control valve designs including on-board electronic (OBE) and non-OBE designs as well as valves with integral valve spool feedback.  All of these valves are manufactured to the industry standard valve patterns.


Burkert provides the control valves that cover all other “non-hydraulic fluid” control valve designs.  Typically controlling water, steam, or other corrosive types of fluids, Burkert can handle the trouble fluids easily.  Primarily manufactured from brass and stainless steel, many other materials are available and designed to handle the most caustic fluids found in process fluid industries.  Control valve options from the very smallest “fluidic” valve designs to the large 6-8” flanged port designs, Burkert has many control valve options for your application.


We have worked with Bosch and Bosch product for many years providing this ruggedized proportional product line to many industries including the wood products industry.  Whether sawmills, plywood plants, or OSB engineered panelboard facilities, Bosch has OBE and non-OBE product tailored to fit the application.


Oilgear is a manufacturer of many styles of hydraulic valves.  Typically designed for higher flows and pressures, Oilgear has both cartridge style control valves and poppet construction valves.  In many cases, these valves are utilized in heavy industry such as the steel industry for descaling valves or the wood products industry for high flow control valves on hot presses.


CBF is a manufacturer of cartridge style control valves.  Available in industry standard cavities size 8, 10, 16;  many of the valves fit these cavities which allow PSIF to apply CBF product to existing applications where competitive product resides.  Also available are cost effective complete valves able to be plumbed in-line and provide reliable control and direction of flow in the system.  Whether a single valve in a body is required or a complex hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) manifold containing several valves in a single manifold.


Hawe has one of the broadest lines of directional control valves in the industry.  Their many designs offer PSI of Florida the ability to provide product to both the mobile and industrial based customers.  Regardless, their design is based upon the ability to control high pressure (6000 psi minimum) and zero leak technology in precision machined steel bodies.

Hawe supplies product in the industry standard designs as well as specific patterned valves around the Hawe compact design criteria.  The PSL and PSV manifolded products utilized in the mobile industry has become a leading design and control valve manifold for many mobile OEM’s in North America.

Woodward Textron

Woodward Textron (formerly called HR Textron) manufactures a high precision servo class valve.  Unlike other torque motor driven servo valves (Moog, Atchley, Vickers, Parker) that are designed around a 2-stage pilot control configuration, Woodward Textron is a “direct drive” design that utilizes no pilot flow in order to control the valve thereby having no horsepower loss when at null.  With design criteria up to 5000 psi and 100 gpm plus.


Haskel offers very specialized control valves that are pilot operated and very typically are utilized in very high pressure systems.  Poppet style construction with pressure capability up to 60,000 psi, Haskel control valves are well suited for design with the high pressure pumps also available thru Haskel.

Our company offers control valve models that can be operated through both manual and automated methods. Based on your requirements and nature of job, choose one of the hydraulic many control valves designs sold by our company. In comparison to other hydraulic valve models available in the market, we offer the highest quality equipment at various price ranges. You have the option to choose the control valve based on it features, performance and durability.

Why Hydraulic Control Valve Launched by Our Company?

Visit our product listings to choose the right the automated or manually-operated control valve to suit specific requirements. Once you check the performance and features offered by the hydraulic valves launched by PSIF, you can surely evaluate our claims.

  • Simple Hydraulic Control Valve Design and Structure
  • High Hydraulic Fluid Flow Rate
  • Minimal Pressure Loss
  • Convenient Options to Regulate the Flow
  • No Need to Use Additional By-pass Valves or Throttling Device
  • Supports Sea Water, Natural Liquids and Other Industrial Fluids
  • Option to Choose from Variety of Materials, Coating and Diaphragm
  • Both 3-Ways and 2-Ways Control System

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