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Atos is a global leader in the manufacture of electrohydraulic products: precision components used to integrate electrical and hydraulic systems in motion control applications. Founded in Italy in 1957, the company has a long history of manufacturing hydraulic control components that are rigorously tested and highly reliable. With a continuing focus on technology, Atos has developed a complete range of modern electrohydraulic products for high-end industrial applications.

PSI of Florida has had a long standing relationship with Atos exceeding 15 years. Working in applications that span various industries including primary wood, aerospace ground support, entertainment, marine, general machine, various mobile applications and many more has given PSI a strong background in integrating Atos NA proportional products.

Thanks to a management team focused on quality and innovation, Atos consistently produces electrohydraulic components that lead the industry in a variety of metrics. The company is vertically positioned through strong investment in machine shops, foundries, assembly divisions, and systems integrators. As a result, Atos has the capabilities to handle all aspects of applied electrohydraulics. In fact, their adaptability as a lean manufacturer has allowed the company to realize lead times and quality standards ahead of industry norms.

The primary group of products Atos NA produces can be placed into the following categories:

Proportional Valve Products

Digital Proportional Valve Products

Directional Valve Products

Modular Valve Products

Vane Pump Products

Cartridge Valve Products

PSI is proud to represent Atos and we look forward to working with you to provide a complete product solution or system specification.

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