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BEDIA is the name for solutions in level and temperature monitoring. It offers expertise, flexibility and reliability when it comes to applications for manufacturers of agricultural machinery, construction equipment, utility vehicles, compressors, engines and power train control systems.  Providing the highest level of experience in capacitance-type technology, Bedia provides both continuous and point level monitoring devices.

Tried and tested technologies and innovation in ideas allows BEDIA and Power Systems, Inc. of Florida to offer client solutions with products such as:

  • Intelligent TankSensor ITS60 (suitable for all fuels including bio-fuels)
  • Intelligent TankSensor ITS65 (for hydraulic and engine oils)
  • Level Monitoring Sensors CLS 20/25
  • Level monitoring sensors CLS 50/55
  • Capacitive Level Sensors
  • Temperature switches and sensors
  • DC/DC converter

Capacitance Sensors
Mobile Continuous Level Sensors
Mobile Point Level Sensors
Mobile Temperature Sensors

Hydraulic Control Systems