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Power Systems Inc. and Continental Hydraulics have a combination of products that allows our customers to find the majority of their industrial hydraulic needs in one location.   Continental Hydraulics products are used in some of the most hostile environments imaginable and their reputation for superior durability and performance continues to grow. All our products are 100% tested for quality control in both the lab and the field to assure that every product we make meets or exceeds the performance and service life standards our customers have come to expect

With the recent partnership with Italian manufacturer Duplomatic, SPA.  A well established manufacturer of industrial hydraulic products, we can now provide a source of hydraulic products with a world-wide presence and supply source.

Product Availability

Hydraulic Pumps
 A complete line of variable volume pump products spanning three primary designs: low pressure variable volume vane pumps, high pressure variable volume vane pumps, and high pressure variable volume piston pumps.

PVX Vane Pumps                    PVR Vane Pumps                 HPV Axial Piston Pumps


Proportional Control Valves
 Continental and Duplomatic are continuing to expand their lines of proportional control valve products and associated electronics.  Over the last year with this new partnership, Continental’s product offering in proportional products has grown in size and scope of the other major world-wide manufacturers.  Offering proportional directional, flow, and pressure controls we accept the demanding motion control challenges our customers present to us.






Directional, Pressure, and Flow Control Valves
Power Systems Inc and Continental Hydraulics offer PowerFlow™ Directional Control Valves.  These valves offer some of the highest flow and pressure ratings in the industry today, making them the perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. Noted for superior performance and durability, Continental Hydraulics Directional Control Valves are a great investment.






Features & Benefits 

  • Pressures ratings to 5000 PSI and standard high pressure core tubes, provide greater design flexibility
  • High flow rates and low pressure drops reduce heat generation and increase efficiency
  • Premium bore honing reduces cross-port leakage
  • Interchangeable spools for simplified field maintenance
  • U-groove machining on spool lands significantly reduces spool hang-up that cause loss of production
  • Below-center line mounting bolt position reduces body distortion that cause sticky spools
  • Two-pin plug-in or DIN connection coils allow for quick replacement reducing down time
  • All valves incorporating the electric box option include indication lights and electrical surge suppression for protection and increased valve life
  • Sealed wet armature solenoids provide maximum protection against moisture, corrosion and dirt.
  • Compact design fits tight spaces for easier installation 


  • Mounting: Sub-plate or manifold mount in D03, D05, D08, and D10 configurations, Conforming to NFPA and ANSI/ISO Standards
  • High Flow rates
    • D03 up to 20 GPM
    • D05 up to 35 GPM
    • D08 up to 150 GPM
    • D10 up to 275 GPM
  • Pressures up to 5000 PSI
  • Seals – Viton
  • Available Standard Actuator Types: solenoid, air, cam, lever, and soft-shift styles
  • Fluids: Petroleum-base, most phosphate esters, water-based fluids (not more than 40% water) and water glycol

To better serve your current and emerging fluid power requirements, Continental Hydraulics engineers are continually at work to improve current products and develop new fluid power technologies.

Power Units
Continental has the capability of offering an extensive range of standard power units with a reasonably short turn around time.  With a staff of personnel dedicated to the design and build of hydraulic power units and systems, this provides an additional supply source thru Power Systems Inc. for your hydraulic system needs.

Features & Benefits 

  • Specially designed to decrease wear and tear on pumps, valves and other system components
  • Reservoir capacities from 1 to over 2,000 gallons to meet a variety of application needs
  • All units are shipped 100% inspected and tested for immediate application installation
  • Engineered using SolidWorks 3D or AutoCAD to ensure you get the right unit for the right job
  • Fast, accurate delivery without sacrificing quality
  • Hydraulic Power units that deliver efficiently
L-Shaped L-shaped power units are ideal for demanding high-production industrial applications requiring high fluid volume and flow rate. The readily removable tank cover simplifies cleaning or replacing suction strainers. L-shape power units feature flooded suction inlets that eliminate the need for the pump to lift hydraulic fluid, thus reducing wear-and-tear.

NFPA/JIC-style power units are especially well suited for heavier duty, continuous-use industrial applications requiring design flexibility and rugged construction.
Little Champ Series

Little Champ hydraulic power units are designed for use in locations where space is limited and larger, noisier power units are not needed. They’re ideal for applications requiring moderate fluid volume and flow rate, short hydraulic lines, and quick cycling.

Hydraulic Control Systems