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Electric Actuators for your Motion Applications

Exlar is the expert in global actuator technology. With applications in industries as varied as power generation, entertainment, mobile equipment, defense, forestry and simulation, Exlar and Power Systems, Inc. of Florida deliver solutions to meet every customer’s specific criteria.

Equipped with not only expertise but also sharp automation skills, Exlar can provide the following diagnostics:

  • Linear Dynamic Analysis
  • Non-linear Static & Dynamic Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Structured Programming Methodologies
  • Customized Test Fixtures & Programming

Exlar products include electric, linear and rotary actuators, as wells as other stand-alone products.

Exlar provides alternative methods to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders by providing improved positioning performance, eliminating leaks and giving energy effeciencies. Their actuators provide lower costs to operate than others, load ratings to 40k lb and above and speeds to 60 in/sec and above.

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