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Graco: The Leader in Lubrication Technology
PSIF and Graco are dedicated to providing you with the most reliable and cost effective equipment available. Graco offers a complete line of grease and oil pumps, hose reels, dispense valves and accessories. The packaged solutions offered by Graco deliver the highest quliaty reasults in all areas of manufacturing, including marine, automotive assembly, truck, construction, mining, and machine tool markets. Installation expertise is available through an experienced and dedicated sales force of PSIF technicians and Graco factory support personnel.


Graco’s many product offerings include:

Bulk Oil and Grease Transfer, Unloading and Evacuation
-Bulk grease totes, drums and pails
-Efficiency transfers, lubricants to point of application
-Reduces costs’ over non-bulk methods

Portable In-Plant Grease Dispense
-Maintains production machinery
-Mobile equipment maintenance
-Reservoir fill

Oil Evacuation
-Removes used oils from production machines
-Use in mobile equipment shops
-Pumps oils from storage tanks

Grease and Oil Metering
-Metered dispense on production assembly lines
-Applications include:
*Crankcase and transmission fill
*Filling of machine tool reservoirs
*Precision bearing lubrication and fill

Hose Reels
-Improves workflow and tool placement
-Maintenance and production applications
-Cleans and maintains safe storage of air, water, and lubricant hose

Hand Held Lubrication
-Bearing Lubrication
-Applications where access is difficult

Hydraulic Control Systems