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The focus of Power Systems, Inc. of Florida and Ham-Let Advanced Control Technology is to provide customers with a total package of instrumentation valves and fittings. Accomplishing this requires dedication and reliability… dedication to design and manufacture products that match the customer’s needs, and reliability to deliver products the customer can depend on.

Ham-Let products include:

  • Fittings
  • Flexible metal and Teflon hoses
  • Quick connectors
  • Process Valves
  • Ultra Clean Valves
  • 2,3 and 5 way Manifolds
  • High Tech components, and
  • Mounting kits and accessories for HPA actuators

The high-quality products from Ham-Let can be used in any number of applications from oil and gas industry to power generation, from solar energy to the pharmaceutical industry, and from hydrogen fuel cells and natural gas to the chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Hamlet Valves
Instrumentation Fittings
Process Valves
High Tech Components/Valves
Process Filters
High Purity Valves
Check & Relief Valves

Hydraulic Control Systems