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Since its inception in 1946, Haskel has striven for excellence in high quality, low cost and a keen focus on customers as a provider of fluid and gas pressure intensification handling equipment. It continues to achieve this through a fierce commitment to growing a reservoir of engineering talent and investing in technology that keeps it on the cutting edge of the high pressure industry.

Power Systems, Inc. of Florida and Haskel offer the most complete range of air-driven liquid pumps with respect to capability and compatibility with different kinds of liquids. Other product lines include air and hydraulic driven gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers and a huge selection of high-pressure valves and accessories.

Haskel’s commitment to excellence will keep it as one of the top providers of engineered, liquid and gas handling equipment in the world.

Air Drive Liquid Pumps
Air Amplifiers / Gas Boosters
Medium to Very High Pressure
Valves & Accessories

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