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Power Systems Inc. of Florida and Hawe Hydraulics know how much its customers rely on the quality and dependability of its products. This is the reason many industries trust the expertise of 60 years of German engineering built into every Hawe product.

All Hawe pressurized components are made of steel (which allows them to handle up to 6000 psi), are more durable and more compact. Product lines are flexible, and built into designs with possible combinations of modular components in mind, expanding applicability and system capacity. This allows for endless and feasible usage in agriculture, forestry, solar energy, wind energy and digging, drilling, machining and cranes.  Specializing in “zero leak” technology in many of their products, Hawe is a leading designer of specialized components for the mobile industry.

Hawe product lines include:

  • Pumps (radial piston, axial piston, variable displacement, LP air-driven hydraulic pumps)
  • Valves ((spool, seated, pressure, flow and check valves)
  • Power Units
  • Electronics accessories

Proportional/Solenoid Valves & Valve Manifolds
Power Units-Electric Motor Fluid Immersed
High Pressure Valving to 10,000 PSI
ZERO leak valves
Variable Volume Piston Pumps

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Hydraulic Control Systems