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Hydronit, out of Verado, Italy, and Power systems, Inc. of Florida, are bringing fluid power technology and efficiency for high-profile applications to market. Hydronit finds its strength from mass producing standard modular products and in turn reducing the cost of the final power pack product, compared to the more expensively produced traditional solutions.

Highly-skilled talent engineers the individual components allowing flexibility and innovation to the constructs of fluid power units. Offering 3 series or product lines, individual components can be assembled in thousands of different configurations, based on need.

  • Power Pack Compact series – gear and hand pumps, check and directional valves, pressure and flow control valves and proportional flow and pressure controls)
  • Power Packs Micro series – light-weight aluminum die-cast
  • Electropumps Bull series – for batter-powered marine and mobile applications

AC/DC Compact Hydraulic Units
Highly Integrated and Modular
High Performance
Manual/Solenoid Valve Options

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