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The large offering of components and systems from MK Technology Group means not only selection but also quality, value, reliability and flexibility to the linear motion industry. With a full range of structural framing, conveyors and safety guarding, MK with Power Systems, Inc. of Florida, meets the needs of its customers through state-of-the-art technology and customization when needed.

Products are designed for a number of applications, including belt, chain or roller conveyors for accumulation; motor controls or mechanical devices for indexing; components to adapt systems for material handling, packaging, or directional transfers; features for visual inspection or robot integration.

  • Conveyor systems
  • Aluminum Framing
  • Safety Guarding
  • Factory Equipment
  • Linear Motion

MK Automation solves the challenges in these industries: automotive, general manufacturing, machine builders, metal working, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and printing.

Modular Aluminum Profiles/Hardware
Guarding Systems and Enclosures
Modular Conveyor Systems
Factory Assembly Equipment
Linear Motion Elements

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Hydraulic Control Systems