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MTS Sensors, Temposonics®, is a division of MTS Systems. They are a global supplier and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of linear displacement transducers AND  liquid-level sensors utilizing the well-proven design of magnetostrictive-based sensor technology.

The linear displacement division of MTS has a primary focus on the applications where very precise linear measurement is required with a very high reliability factor.  Whether a replacement sensor is needed or a complex system integrating linear feedback into your system, PSI can handle your requirements.  We provide many optins for mounting and cables and offer signal output configurations such as digital (PWM), analog, SSI, profi-bus, device-net, CAN-bus, amongst others.  We can configure tMTS Sensors, along with Power Systems, Inc. ofFlorida reach numerous markets, as THE number one source for linear displacement sensors in plastics, primary metals, lumber/plywood manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical processing, agricultural, construction,  material-handling, along with standard industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

The liquid level division of MTS has a focus on the applications where reliable and continuous measurement of liquids is a necessity.  Utilizing the same magnetostrictive technology as used in linear displacement sensors, liquid level sensors must meet the rigorous environmental and application requirements often needing explosion-proof or intrinsically safe approvals (ATEX, FM, CSA, Cenelec and others available).  Various output configurations, mounting options, material options, and float options are available to provide you with a successful liquid level application solution.

At PSI ofFloridawe look forward to working with you to apply the MTS product in your application or process.

Liquid Level Magnetostrictive Transmitters
Analog/Digital/Modbus..Other Outputs
Flex and Rigid Designs
Sanitary, Explosion Proof, Intrinsically Safe Models and more…

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