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Power Systems Inc is pleased to have been associated with Ross Controls since 1983.  A steady continuous supplier of Ross pneumatic products, we have supplied hands-on application assistance and system design assistance to hundreds of customers during our partnership.  We look forward to working with you in your application.


Over the years, Ross has realized a few industries that seem to excel in application of Ross products.  Utilizing a cross-functional team, including global industry specialists, dedicated engineers and flexible, high quality manufacturing, ROSS can engage itself in developing exactly what you require to address many, if not all, of pneumatic circuit and system needs for these industries . We are like having additional resources to call upon focused only on your particular issue. From product specification and development –> circuit design –> turnkey panel solutions, ROSS and Power Systems Inc. of Florida turns your “What if” into reality. Our dedicated industry specialists and engineering resources listen to your needs, conceptualize a solution and turn concept into reality in the following Focus Industries:

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Why Does Power Systems Inc. of Florida and Ross Controls Have a Machine Safety Focus?

ROSS CONTROLS® Power Systems Inc. and concern for machine safety… we have been providing safety controls for plant pneumatic processes longer than any other source.  ROSS has been designing and supplying the “industry standards” of safety products for pneumatic energy isolation (LOTO) and control reliable double valves for the metal-forming industry for clutch/brake applications and the general manufacturing sector for decades. Even before Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) existed, ROSS designed and supplied valves for energy isolation and mechanical press clutch/brake control valves that were later widely recognized as aids to companies for regulatory compliance in non-press applications. These are some of the most safety critical pneumatic valve applications in manufacturing today, and ROSS has been there to help make jobs safer for workers, helping to protect our customers’ investments in machinery, and increase productivity.

As an authorized distributor for Ross Controls, we can provide you with a reliable and knowledgeable source for pneumatic machine safety guidelines and products.

Ross Controls has consistently provided the most reliable and most comprehensive product line of pneumatic safety valves.

Summary of Safety Related Pneumatic Components

  • Control-reliable 3/2 & 5/2 pneumatic valves with BG Certification
  • Pneumatic internally monitored double valves for safety applications
  • Control Reliable Double Valves
  • Manual and solenoid L-O-X® valves for energy isolation
  • EEZ-ON® valves for gradual start-up
  • Manual L-O-X® valves with EEZ-ON® operation
  • Modular L-O-X® air entry combination
  • Stainless Steel L-O-X® valves for energy isolation
  • Sensing Valves Category 2 Monitored in-line valves
  • Pilot operated check valves (single/double channel sensing available)
  • Check valves
  • HOZE-FUZE® to prevent hose whip
  • Silencers & reclassifiers
  • Lockout verification accessories
  • For details, see our Safety Industry page
Energy Isolation Valves
Ross Controls introduces SS LOX Valves. Pneumatic energy isolation
For all food process, packaging, and high corrosive environments!!!
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Selection of Safety Products

Safety Bulletin
Large LOX
Safety Clamping


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