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Linear Transducers

Model EL Linear Feedback Transducer

MTS Sensors continues to establish new performance standards for low-cost, fully-industrial, durable position sensors using the widely preferred magnetostrictive technology. This principle for accurate and non-contact measurement of linear-position sensing was developed 30 years ago by MTS and is used with outstanding success in a large variety of industrial applications.


Model EP Linear Feedback Transducer

The Temposonics models EP and EL sensors consists of robust aluminum profile-style housings that offer flexible mounting configurations
and easy installation. Sensor models EP and EL are ideal for demanding industrial applications where simple, reliable non-contact feedback is essential.



Model ER Linear Feedback Transducer

The model ER provides for a user friendly “rod and cylinder”New E_Series_Model_ER mounting configuration for the low-cost MTS E-series platform. Available in both analog and digital outputs in the standard non-contact magnetostrictive platform.


New E_Series_Model_ER

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