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The PSI of Florida field services personnel have had extensive experience with installation and start-up of many various types of systems and industry applications. Our experience can bridge the gap of hydraulic and pneumatic controls and components and into the area of plumbing, MCC installations, and closed loop PLC/motion control applications.

Whether a small job or large, we would like the opportunity to provide you with a proposal to optimize your current hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanical, or proportional/servo closed loop control system.


App #1—Food Processing Centralized Hydraulic System w/ SS HeaderBefore……
Our customer had (2) existing centralized systems with a reservoir capacity of 300 gallons and each with (3) 40 hp/60 gpm pump/motor groups. Each system had its own independent pressure/return header that were poorly sized and routed and were highly corroded due to the plants close proximity to the coastline. In addition to requiring hydraulic assistance in correcting the plumbing issues, the unit was dated and the pump/motor groups were manually started and stopped. The headers inside the building in the food processing area were poorly routed, utilized a combination of steel and SS adapters and shut off valves, and leaking! See Photos Below



PSIF fabricated and installed a common header with shutoffs allowing the two reservoirs to become one. The plumbing on each HPU was cleaned up and converted to o-ring face seal adapters and hose ends to reduce leaks. New pressure and return headers were sized correctly and a common 3” and 4” SS header was routed along the roof top to the two entry points on the roof top. Header shock and compensation was handled with two Accumulators Inc accumulators mounted roof top.

All headers inside the processing facility were redone to accommodate properly sized pressure and tank headers. New drops with all SS pipe and manifolds were designed and installed utilizing Stauff Code 61 ball valves. Additional porting on the manifold allowed for water and air line drops on the same manifold along with a “pressure equalization circuit” for ease in connecting flush face disconnects when changing conveyor lines.

The HPU room received a cleaned up new look with new disconnects and associated wiring. Along with this came a new plc controlled MCC with current sensing transducers on each motor allowing for auto load sharing of the flow between the (6) pump/motor groups. Coupled with the pressure and flow transducer feedback allowed us to close the loop around motor current, pressure header outlet, and hydraulic flow output allowing the customer to monitor, diagnose, and load share the pump/motor groups via a user friendly operator interface (HMI). See Photos Below

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Installation was done over a 4th of July shutdown…..9 days.
Another PSIF satisfied customer!

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