Hydraulic Solutions and Systems

PSI of Florida built power units are specifically built to each customers needs and requirements. Over 31 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and validating our custom built hydraulic systems, allows us to provide you with many tried and proven designs and concepts. PSIF can building your power unit


The PSIF design and fabrication capabilities allows us to design custom solutions to meet your application solution requirements. Our extensive experience in the many industries and the hundreds of system designs we have provided allow us to design a circuit tailored to your specific machine requirements for optimization while providing the most economic design possible.


Each system is designed with knowledge and understanding of basic hydraulic assembly techniques. Laminar flow principles, minimum pipe threads, and solid hydraulic assembly techniques assure our customers of receiving systems that will perform as designed and last for many years.

Each system is fully tested prior to shipment. All systems are provided with an Operation & Maintenance Manual including pertinent CAD drawn circuits, bill of materials, and system component data sheets.

Start-Up Assistance

We don’t stop servicing our customers once the system is shipped. We can assist or handle the installation and start-up of the system as well. For examples of this, visit the “Installation and Field Application Assistance” section under the “Services” tab on the Home Page. One of our qualified field technicians can provide assistance in servicing your system needs from the beginning and into the “running life” of your system.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: please click the examples below to view

App #1—Entertainment Industry-32 Axis Hydraulic System
App #2—Offshore Hydraulic Valve Control Panel (Stainless)
App #3—Machine Tool VFD Driven Hydraulic Pump System
App #4—Primary Metals Centralized Hydraulic System-600 Gallon

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Hydraulic Control Systems