Hydraulic App #2–Stainless Steel Off-Shore Hydraulic Valve Control Panel

Our customer asked us to design a valve control panel that was more responsive and had better control on the 5 axis of control the panel was designed to handle.  PSIF designed a circuit with the Hawe PSV valve at the core of the design capable of controlling and metering flow very precisely. With 5 different flow rated spools, the resolution of control across the spool movement was excellent. Piloted by the hydraulic joysticks shown, the operator was able to achieve proportional flow adjustment to the movement of the joystick and all without any electrical control devices as requested by the customer.

High pressure filtration ensures clean fluid to the valve and actuator circuits from several possible pump skids in the customer fleet. Each circuit has pressure and flow indication as well as safety shut-offs for operator control and diagnostics. An independent emergency hand pump circuit is designed into the critical circuits for use as a back-up.

An all stainless steel construction allowed the customer to have a long lasting hydraulic valve control panel for many years of life in extreme marine conditions.

Hydraulic Control Systems