Hydraulic App #4 – Primary Metals Centralized Hydraulic System

PSIF was chosen by one of our systems integration partners to provide a servo class hydraulic system to a primary metals melt facility. This 17 axis hydraulic servo system runs 24/7 and must be able to respond to smallest commands as directed by the closed loop position control system mandates.PSIF designed, built and installed the 600 gallon centralized reservoir containing three 75 hp/60 gpm pump/motor groups along with the necessary pressure filtration, pressure and return isolation valves, and independent filter/cooling loop.

PSI of Florida also supplied the HR Textron servo valves in the 17 axis of control as well as being contracted to install all of the plumbing, connectors, and start-up of the hydraulic system…..all 3500 feet of plumbing required ranging in sizes from ½” to 1 ¼”.

With the first system completed in late 2007, PSI of Florida just completed commissioning of the second identical system in July of 2011.

At PSI of Florida, we strive to make every customer we do business with a repeat customer!!!!

Hydraulic Control Systems