Mobile Hydraulic Control Application 2 – Drill Rig OEM w/ Radio Remote

PSI of Florida personnel work closely with many customers to create a jointly successful relationship.   This application shows a smaller drill rig with a hydraulic package designed by a PSIF sales engineer for optimum horsepower and speed but with the need for solid control and finesse in the operations and functions of the rig controls.

Oilgear load sense piston pumps, Hawe PSV load sense proportional control valves with  CAN radio remote system and CAN mobile plc control package, and a host of other products allows this rig and many others like it to run reliably and to the expectations of our customer.

CAN control allowed for a substantial reduction in wiring and allowed for on-board plc control in a smaller package.  Rugged environmental conditions requires rugged components and PSIF has the knowledge and experience to bring to your equipment needs.

Hydraulic Control Systems