Pneumatic Solutions & Systems

With extensive experience in pneumatic solutions and products, PSIF field sales personnel are trained and available to sit down with you to discuss the optimum circuit and solution to your plant or process pneumatic requirements.

We are capable of building the simplest pneumatic valve panels to the most complex valve process panel and circuits.

We have also built specialized air powered and controlled systems that result in low-cost but effective designs meeting customers design criteria through creative engineering and products.

App #1—Pneumatic Solution Ex: Pneumatically Powered 100,000 psi Gauge Calibration Stand

Our customer requested an automated and non-manual system to assist in accurate gauge calibration for their multiple in-house pressure transducers. The current system utilized a very high pressure hand pump with valves and gauges to achieve gauge calibration criteria ranging from 5000 psi to 100,000 psi.Utilization of Haskel high pressure, air-driven pumps allow us to control and modulate the pressure very accurately thru precision regulators and pressure transducer feedback. A specially designed test block interface with safety door for operator protection during high pressure tests and a pneumatic lock-out valve that exhausts all air in the circuit combine for a safe and practical design.The heavy duty frame was fabricated from MK Automation extrusion and the panels are ¼” thick powder coated aluminum for isolation from the high pressure area and for long term corrosion resistance.Pneumatic Solutions

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