About Us

PSI offers solutions in the Industrial,Mobile, Marine, and Process industries spanning many markets in the southeast USA and beyond.   Our goal is to be the most comprehensive value added distributor of motion control products and systems in our marketplace while focusing on our customers’ needs to improve their machine and system efficiencies and their need to lower overall system procurement costs’.

PSI offers a specialization in hydraulic, pneumatic, automation and process components.  We are involved with the smallest connector and seal requirements to multi-million dollar systems and projects.  Since 1983, we have provided our customers with a “hands on” approach to customer service providing a level of customer assistance our competitors cannot offer.

Our customers see us as a company capable of handling their process automation and control needs  in industrial, mobile, marine,  and process  control markets. PSI is a highly professional and fast growing company having a thorough customer oriented and client friendly approach. Our system and culture is designed to meet the exacting requirements of our clients, right from the stage of concept until the product or system has been delivered.  Providing the best support, highest level and quality of work, fulfillment of commitments, and service after the sale are the foundations thru which PSI will continue to grow.

Our experienced personnel are highly qualified and experienced.  Trained in their respective disciplines with a broad range of experience we have the personnel to assist in almost any  requirement our customers bring to us.   We invite you to visit the “Services” tab on our web-site and explore the wide range of application examples provided.   We aim at providing customized solutions as our customers’ process requirements demand. Whether a simple component specification or a complicated system solution, our commitment is to provide the highest level of service.

Contact us today to find out more at (321) 636-0085 .

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