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Daman manifolds are truly the result of high performance engineering, exceptionally skilled machinists and a commitment to quality. Its manufacturing process, featuring maximization of flow path volume and internal wall thickness calculations, have been refined to assure error-free Daman manifold systems.

Joining with Daman, Power Systems, Inc. of Florida offers standard and custom products that more than live up to the Daman name. The company strives toward continuous process improvement which results in the highest quality product, the most efficient work capacity and heightened customer satisfaction.

Providing industry standard subplates and manifolds in the familiar mounting patterns known as D03 (NG6), D05 (NG10), D07 (NG16), D08 (NG25), and D10.  Daman can also provide many other commonly used valve interfaces as well as specially designed manifolds.

Headers and Junction Boxes

Hydraulic Control Systems